Our Mission

As business partners, we have been involved in the bicycle industry for the past 7 years, focusing mainly on getting communities to embrace bicycles in their daily lives.We see the e-bike as bridging the gap between bicycle sport, leisure and transport and as the best alternative for environmentally-friendly transportation.

Our goal is to also help decrease health-concerns world-wide by reducing carbon footprints via e-bike use. Encouraging energy conservation, promoting environmental stewardship, job growth and building a new community of e-bikers is part of our company ethos. Bringing BESV bikes to communities throughout Southern California will add a physical fitness, alternative transportation and environmental dimension to everyday lives.

The use of exciting resources and premier retail locations will be the direct marketing concept that we believe will best serve the buyers and BESV bike mission. We know the e-bike market is looking for the best and most convenient way to enjoy life on wheels – the nature of BESV bikes fulfills this need while helping to make the world a more environmentally safe place.